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our story.


our elixirs.

At Honest Elixirs, we believe that nutritious doesn't have to mean boring. Nutritious foods can be decadent and fun, all while providing your body with the nourishment it needs to feel your best. Your food should make you feel amazing. It should also taste amazing - and you'll find Honest Elixirs right where those two things meet! We use only real, honest ingredients in our elixirs, and each ingredient serves a purpose, both for flavour and your health. Learn more about our ingredients here.

the founder.

I'm Ali, the creator of Honest Elixirs. After becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2017, I realized how easy it is to get all too wrapped up in the world of nutrition, to the point where the joy of food was overshadowed by the need for perfection. I believed in the power of food to make us feel amazing, but I didn't believe that it had to come at the cost of not enjoying food to its fullest potential. I created Honest Elixirs to celebrate the beautiful intersection where deliciousness and decadence meets nutrition and good health.


every ingredient serves a purpose.

We don't put ingredients in our elixirs without good reason. Read more about our ingredients here.
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