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How To Get The Perfect Frothy Cup Of Honest Elixirs.

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

One of the best parts about our elixirs is the creamy foam that you get when they are added to your drinks.

But it takes more than just a quick stir to get the perfect cup!

Our elixirs are oil based, (both MCT oil and the naturally occurring whole coconut oil from coconut butter), and you most likely know that oil and water don't mix... easily, that is.

In order to get the perfect, creamy elixir, there are a variety of simple methods that you can use to combine our elixirs with your coffee, tea, or hot water. Below we've outlined a few tried and true methods.

1. The Blender Method

This is probably my favourite way to get lots of super creamy, smooth foam, and is great for mornings or afternoons (or any times) at home. This is best done in a blender that allows steam to escape, rather than a tightly sealing blender cup, which can allow pressure to build and runs the risk of explosion with hot liquids!

To make your elixir in your blender, add 1-2 tablespoons of your elixir to your blender jug along with 1 cup of hot coffee, tea, or water. Add your favourite sweetener, if desired, and blend, starting on low and moving to medium speed for 15-30 seconds, making sure that steam can escape through the top of the blender to avoid pressure build up.

Pour and drink immediately.

2. To-go Mug Method

When you're on the go, and want to take your elixir with you, this is a simple and easy way!

To use this method, simply add 1-22 tablespoons of our elixir to a tightly sealing to-go mug, along with 1 cup of hot coffee, tea, or water. Add your favourite sweetener, if desired, seal it up, and give it a good shake for 10.. Be careful to open it away from your face and let the steam escape afterwards, as some pressure might build up.

That's it! Because our elixirs provide lots of brain-healthy fats, as well as easy-to-digest protein from grass-fed collagen, they make a great option for mornings when you might not have time to eat a full breakfast, or if you prefer to wait a couple hours before eating your first meal.

One of our elixirs, shaken in your to-go mug, is a great, quick solution to busy mornings. They can provide satiety and energy for the first part of your day, until you're ready for your full meal.

3. Hand Held Frother Method

If you're at home and want to enjoy your elixir without the hassle of cleaning your blender afterwards, an hand held frother like this one can be a quick solution. You can often find them for between $10-$20 anywhere kitchen items are sold.

To use one, add 1-2 tablespoons of your elixir to a mug along with a bit of your favourite sweetener, if desired, then fill your mug about 1/3 of the way with hot coffee, water or tea. If you fill your mug completely, it's likely to splash out once you use the whisk.

Use the frother to blend for about 15 seconds, or until your drink is smooth and foamy. Top up with more hot liquid and enjoy!

4. Electric Milk Frother Method

If you happen to own an electric milk frother like this one or similar, it can be a great way to prepare your elixirs!

To use this method, add 1-2 tablespoons of your elixir to the frother, along with a bit of your favourite sweetener, if desired. Fill to the max line with hot water, tea, or coffee. Let it sit for a few seconds to allow the drink blend to soften, then turn on to the cold setting, and let the frother do its thing.

Pour and serve immediately.

There are many different ways that you can prepare your elixirs and we're constantly experimenting with other ways that you can use them; if you have a creative way of preparing your elixirs, we'd love to hear it! Send us a message over on our contact page to let us know how you've incorporated Honest Elixirs into your routine!

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