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  • Do I need to refrigerate my elixirs?
    Our elixirs are shelf stable for at least 6 months (see your best before date on the bottom of the jar), but depending on the temperature where they are stored they may become softer or melt at warmer temperatures. We recommend storing yours in a cool cupboard, but if your cupboards are too warm, just stick it in the fridge! Because of the formulation of our White Chocolate Peppermint flavour, we do NOT suggest refrigeration. It will become too hard. If your product does melt or soften, the ingredients may seperate, so just give it a stir and enjoy knowing that you are providing your body with nothing but wholesome, natural ingredients - no stabilizers or emulsifiers here!
  • What's the best way to mix elixirs into my drinks?
    In order to mix well and create that creamy and frothy consistency you desire, our elixirs need to be either blended (in your blender) or shaken into your hot drinks using a leak proof insulated mug. Alternativey you can try a milk frother or electric whisk! All of these methods help to emulsify the good fats that are in our elixirs and make them nice and creamy. When blending or shaking hot liquids, either allow pressure to escape (do not use a fully sealed blender) while blending, or gently allow pressure to escape before fulling opening your mug.
  • How long do elixirs last?
    Our elixirs have a shelf life of 6 months. You can find a best before date on the bottom of the jar. If your elixirs are stored carefully and no outside contaminants enter the jar, they are likely to last even longer.
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