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Frequently asked questions

How should I store my Superfood Drink Blend?

Our Superfood Drink Blends are shelf stable, but depending on the temperature of your house they may become softer or melt at warmer temperatures. We recommend storing yours in a cool cupboard, but if your cupboards are too warm, just stick it in the fridge! If your product does melt or soften, the ingredients may seperate, so just give it a stir and enjoy knowing that you are providing your body with nothing but wholesome, natural ingredients - no stabilizers or emulsifiers here!

My Superfood Drink Blend didn't mix well into my coffee or hot beverage. What gives?

In order to mix well and create that creamy consistency you desire, our Superfood Drink Blends need to be either blended (in your blender) or shaken into your hot drinks. Try preparing yours in your blender and blending for 15 seconds or so, or (next best) shaking vigourously in a to-go mug or jar with a tight seal.

Where can I buy Honest Elixirs products?

Honest Elixirs is brand new, and you can find us locally at the Kamloops Farmer's Market, or contact us for local orders. We will expanding our options soon, though, so sign up for Email Newsletters or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know!



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